I have had my S8 Plus for a few months now. Sometimes the messages arrive a few hours late, sometimes never at all.

Guide to Fix the Problem of Delayed Text Messages on Android

I've tried many different solutions but to no avail. Any help resolving this matter expeditiously would be greatly appreciated. Go to Solution. Samsung is still investigating and working on a fix, we realize it's not actually 'resolved' yet. Apologies for the confusion. It is known issue with Samsung that is being worked on and investigated. We do not have an indication of when a fix will be pushed but it will come in an MR. For more information about this, please see the discussion on Samsung's message boards here.

View solution in original post. I had a similar issue last week. Regardless of whether you're using Samsung's stock messenger or Android Messaging this could help. Close your messaging app. Turn on WiFi if you have WiFi coverage. Close all open apps. The carrier reset will restart your network connection and improve functionality.

This is also a good reset to do if you're having any other voice, text or data issues. This isn't a factory reset. Of course it's always good to back everything up, but I was fine. This is also a good process to go through on any phone you activate that may have had another phone number on it at one time.

These steps are specific to Sprint - not sure about any other carriers.Or noticed a delay when receiving messages? The simplest way to check your messaging feature is by sending a message to your own phone number. You can also test its functionality by sending a message to another mobile phone number other than your own. Sometimes these issues happen right away all at once or gradually get worse over time. Try and remember when you first noticed a delay on either end, whether it be sending or receiving, then try to remember if you had downloaded any apps applications or wallpapers ringtones etc around that time.

I am going to talk from an android smart phone perspective throughout the article, but the steps to take throughout this post should solve this delay on almost any type of phone. If you remember downloading anything around or before that time I recommend you write the name of it down and then un-install it. Send some test messages and see if that cleared it up. If you turn off that app and the mobile is still giving you issues then I recommend you remove that app all together.

Sometimes when your phone has been powered on for a long time which is very common it can get tired and need a rest. Many of us take our phones off the charger hop in our car to go to work or school, plug it into our car charger, get to our designation, plug it in there, plug it back into our car charger on the way home, plug it in to charge during bed, rinse and repeat. Try to set aside a few min every couple or few days to just turn it off and let it sit for a few min.

Perform a soft reset on your phone just for good measure.

text messages delayed

A soft reset is simply cutting all power from your phone, preferably for 10 or more seconds. If your phone allows you to remove the battery then go ahead and remove the battery from your mobile phone, count to 10, reinsert the battery and power the phone back on.

Once you pull the battery or power cycle turn off and on your mobile phone you might have texts come flooding in BUT it might just be a temporary fix. Note: a second level reset, basically pulling the battery while the phone is powered on and not plugged into a charger can temporarily fix many smart phone issues not just messaging. I have seen where too many text messages can cause issues like this though. Backing up texts can be a challenge I recommend, that if you have texts you NEED saved you read how to save text messages from an android smart phone.

After removing the unnecessary messages send some test messages and see if cleaning your inbox helped. If there is still a delay then proceed to the next step.

If you keep an eye on your apps, power cycle fairly often, and have few saved messages then it might have been something picked up online or just a corrupted file or something in its software. Basically we are going to need to backup everything from your device and then clear everything from the mobile phone. This clears any software issues from the phone whether it be a glitch, a virus, a bad file, you name it. The downside of a Hard Reset is that it not only wipes out whatever is causing the issue but it erases everything else on the phone as well.Occasionally I noticed text messages arriving well after they were sent.

I subsequently switched both phones to Google messages. Her second text to me was delayed by more than 70 minutes. The delay caused significant and unnecessary confusion. Neither of us were moving at the time. My wife was at an open-air event with good cell service and no WiFi. I was at home with WiFi messaging turned off.

If I cannot count on text messages going through in a timely fashion, I am going to be forced to use voice calling instead of texting. That is an inconvenience to us and a higher cost to Verizon. Go to Correct Answer. Here we are, five months after I first reported the problem and delayed texts have become so routine that I don't even report them anymore.

I now use SMS for Web to get my texts in a timely fashion. What a shame that Verizon text service has become so unreliable! View solution in original post. As a customer myself who constantly uses my text messages, I realize how important it is to be able to receive your text in a timely manner. You should not have to wait 70 minutes.

I understand how confusing that can get. I will make sure that I help you as much as I can. How long has this been happening for? Is your wife experiencing a delay when she gets your text? Please elaborate. I subsequently switched both phones to Google Messages. So, clearly, the problem has been observed with both apps.

Yes, the problem has been observed by both my myself and my wife. The problem has been occurring for several months, but with low frequency.San Francisco CNN Business Text messages received overnight on Wednesday caused confusion, misunderstandings and even alarm for some recipients. And I received a random text at 4 AM from someone else? And a family member experienced the same?

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Can 3D-printed face shields help?Is anyone else experiencing this? Is it the phone or the carrier? I didn't have this issue with my phone prior to this phone. I did. Everything is good on their end. I didn't have this issue with my phone I had prior to my upgrade.

text messages delayed

I understand that this is very frustrating. However, text messaging is a service, not a function of the phone. You will need to continue to work with your service provider to correct the delayed text. I have been trying to call a friend of mines and Everytime I do I get a message that says I am not authorized to make that call. I literally just reactivated my pixel phone and tried to call the same friend and the call went though and I got an answer plus all the text messages that were "waiting" have all come through.

I don't think it's just my carrier. I believe that is an internal issue with my phone. I would only get incoming texts after sending an outgoing text. Spent hours with Sprint and they can't help.

Samsung has a crappy RMA process where they won't even advance you a phone, you'd have to send in your device to timbuktu so this will be the last time I purchase from Samsung. I have the note 10 and I am not seeing these problems, I would recommend your carrier.

Maybe there is also an update for it in settings. Sign In. Turn on suggestions. Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type. Showing results for. Search instead for. Did you mean:. Delayed text messages.

You must be signed in to add attachments. SamsungAdam Samsung Moderator. Re: Delayed text messages.

How to fix delayed texts messages on your mobile phone.

I would recommend reaching out to your carrier for further assistance. Reply Loading SamsungRei Samsung Moderator. Curtcollins Constellation. Same problem here. Related content.Tue, Nov 11, PM. You mention Apple, so that implies you have an iPhone.

Text messages delayed

Are you using Apple's iMessage feature to send your text messages? Are the people you are sending the messages to also using iPhones and iMessage? If you are using iMessage, all of your text messages are sent from your iPhone to an APple server which will then send the message directly to the other iPhone using the data connections, and if the other end is not an iPhone, or is an iPhone but iMessage is not available, then Apple will route your text messages out through their cellular connecitons as sent from your phone number.

Any of the steps along the way on the Apple eco-system can cause delays in the process, especially if the Apple system is sending the messages as SMS. In the past, there were issues with the Apple messaging system which would cause my iPhone to not receive messages that were sent to me until I would restart my iPhone. In some cases, it was actually longer than a day. Next is the part that most peole have a hard time accepting. SMS messages have never been guaranteed to be delivered to the recipient.

SMS messages are sent using "spare control channel bandwidth" on the cellular network. That means that the messages may be delayed, or may never get sent if the network is highly congested.

It is also not uncommon for messages between carriers to experience additional delays, and in these cases, they may even be only one-sided, where messages you send to a person on another carrier go through just fine, but their response never makes it back to you, or is greatly delayed.

This still goes back to the basic design which uses "spare bandwidth" that might not aways be available, which can cause delays. I have the same problem and I don't use an iPhone. This problem has gone on for years. I can be part of a group text with my wife and kids and my text will come as late as 30 minutes after everyone else's.

When I send texts the circle spins and the status is "sending" for minutes or hours. Sometimes they recieve the text before it stops saying "sending. I found this post looking for a fix.

If anyone has a solution I would love to hear it. I am devastated. Messages sent the evening before sometimes don't show up for up to 12 hrs later.For almost almost 2 months now, I've been receiving my text messages really late.

Sometimes even multiple days late.

WhatsApp Notifications Not Working on iOS 12 (Fixed)

The latest at this point being 5 days! I was on the phone with Sprint tech support for over an hour troubleshooting and they couldn't figure it out and said it was the phone. Does anyone have any ideas I can try!? Is anyone else having this problem?

And it happens indoor and outdoor. Go to Solution.

text messages delayed

Make sure the apps you are using aren't optimized. View solution in original post. This issue may be isolated to the app you are using. Try wiping the cache and data in your messages, you might loss some sms still on route, but if they're a week late it won't matter much I guess. Just changed a few settings like you mentioned. I'm gonna test it out for a few days and I'll report back.

text messages delayed

Then what, there all being optimize and when you tap on the app It won't let you do anything so how do you fix that? Sign In. Turn on suggestions. Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type. Showing results for.

Search instead for. Did you mean:. Delayed text messages s8 plus.

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