Someone once said, "Time doesn't wait for anyone. Don't wait for it to fall on your lap; you have to make it happen. Remember all of the times you were late for class, or all of the weekends where you would tell yourself that you will finish your paper on Saturday night, and then you pull an all-nighter on Sunday to turn your paper in the next day? I can honestly say that I remember those times. My teachers can attest to it.

High school is a time when we grow and mature. Most of us will not be able to procrastinate in the real world; turning papers in late, being late for jobs, not paying the bills on time. It is a cruel world out there. You will rarely find sympathetic people who will give you leeway.

Today is the day that we need to choose whether or not to change our old ways and look ahead to the future, or continue to let America believe that we are the slacker generation. Nazario said, "Don't allow a negative environment to affect you; feel inside and trust your inner voice, and don't be afraid to show your abilities and talents. When we leave here today, we are going to go our separate ways; but we all need to continue to have one thing in common.

We need to let the world know that the class of will not be held back, and that we are going to go out in this world and make a difference. We, the class ofare going to be trendsetters, lawyers, doctors and teachers of tomorrow. It is up to us to set an example for generations to come. He was right. We have an opportunity right now, to go out in this world and use the time that we have, to better not only ourselves, but our friends, families, communities and the nation.

We can make a difference. We can be rebels with a cause; a cause to better the world we live in. No matter how big or small a problem is, there is always a solution; and with most solutions to a problem, someone or something is always benefiting from it. Today, we live where diversity is more accepted.When looking for inspiration, you can often find it in the words of coaches and athletes. These words of wisdom from some of the greatest sports speeches in history will inspire and motivate you to take on life's many challenges.

Here are the most inspiring speeches in sports history:. Coach Scott Quinnell delivered this passionate speech to his rugby team during the television documentary School of Hard Knocks in Though he was known for his quirky bon mots, New York Yankees catcher Yogi Berra also delivered inspirational quotes like this one.

Notre Dame emerged from the locker room after the inspirational speech and won the game. Men's Hockey Coach Herb Brooks provided some motivational words to his team before they shocked the world and pulled off one of the greatest upsets of all time by defeating the Soviet Union hockey team at the Olympics. New York Yankees All-Star Lou Gehrig's legendary speech showed his immense courage and humility, inspiring hope in people everywhere. Apollos Hester, an East View High School football player, gave this stirring speech after a hard-fought victory.

Coach Ed Dunn of the Martin Luther King High School football team in Philadelphia paused practice and delivered these words of inspiration to his team following a tough loss. These famous speeches resonate not just in sports but across all aspects of life — inspiring us, motivating us, lighting a path to our better selves.

Keep these words on hand whenever you need a boost — be it on the field or in school, at home or at work — and share them with anyone you know who might benefit from these timeless words of wisdom. Tags: coachessportatheletesspeechesplayers. Hi there! We have updated our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Toggle navigation. Aug 31, More Videos. You don't win once in a while; you don't do things right once in a while; you do them right all of the time. Winning is a habit.Home of The Saints.

May 3, Good evening, it's an honor to be able to speak to you all here tonight. First, on behalf of my peers I would like to say thank you to the coaches, trainers, athletic administration, Dr. Rissmeyer, and parents in the room tonight for all of your unwavering support. When I was first asked if I wanted to give this speech, I was trying to think of topics and something came to mind. Does everyone know the would you rather game?

You're given two equally unappealing options and you have to pick between them. Well I was flipping through a book of them once and one stuck out to me. Would you rather always lose or never play the game? As a competitor, when I first read that I immediately thought that I would never want to always lose. What fun is that? But when I really thought about this question, the answer was obvious to me. Some say that today playing sports is all about winning at all costs.

It often seems that in all of that the passion and the love for the game that we start out with can be lost. Let's remember why we play. I started playing basketball because in the 5th grade the boy I had a crush on was good at it and I wanted to impress him in gym class. It turned into something more than just a means to get a guy to walk me to my bus, though. I developed a pure and utter admiration for the game.

Over the years I've been lucky enough to have found much success with the sport. Sure wins are great, championships are great, but there is something so unifying about sport in its purest form. As Division III athletes, we don't play to get drafted or to sign multi-million dollar deals with Nike. We play because so many years ago when we stepped on that court or that field or that track we knew that this was what we loved to do. We put in the work and the time to get better because we wanted to.

And that's what sport teaches you - to give it your all.

An Open Letter To Every Athlete On Their Senior Night

It's that feeling of knowing that you've given everything you have in you that makes it worth it. But it doesn't just apply in an athletic sense. That determination and perseverance that you've learned and honed is going to stay with you all your life.

You're a competitor, so use it to your advantage.Sports are about hard work, determination, commitment, teamwork, practice and a little more hard work. To succeed in the world of sport an athlete must be both physically and mentally strong, and this means that all athletes should have an incredibly high drive and strong work ethic.

They have all had to sacrifice and work hard to get to where they are today, with many of them going on particularly difficult journeys to become professional athletes. This makes them fascinating, inspirational and motivational individuals, and over the years there have been many of them which have delivered incredible speeches which have inspired, moved or entertained sports fans around the world.

Although constantly in the public eye, athletes rarely get the opportunity to fully express themselves, as their only opportunities arise after a grueling match where a microphone and camera are thrust in their face, or through characters on Twitter, neither of which are the ideal platform to fully express ones thoughts and opinions. Of course not all athletes are able to articulate their thoughts and many of them are not particularly reflective, but when some athletes get the time and space to express themselves then you will be taken back by what they have to say.

We all know that coaches and characters in sports films are able to deliver rousing speeches which can inspire, fire up, move and motivate those that hear them, but what about the athletes?

He would lead the Boston Bruins to the Stanley Cup a couple of years later. Generally speaking, athletes are arrogant and egotistical, so to see such a humble, heartfelt speech was refreshing to see and helped Thomas stand out from the crowd. Ray Lewis could have had his own top 10 list, as he has delivered an enormous amount of inspirational speeches over the years. He delivers the kind of speeches you find in Hollywood films, and could certainly have a career as a motivational speaker.

This speech was delivered to his teammates following the Ravens loss in the AFC Championship game to the Patriots, a time in which most would feel despondent. Although he struggled to get through his speech from the get go, there are not many speeches given by athletes as heartfelt as this one. The Worm let out his true personality to show that his eccentric outfits and wild lifestyle was just a cover, and he was in fact somebody with many flaws. By the end of the speech Rodman used the platform to reach out to his family and how he how wishes he can be a better father to his kids.

Although not the most eloquent, it was clearly a cathartic moment for Rodman and a touching speech which gave us an insight into the real Dennis Rodman. Although not a retirement or Hall of Fame speech, it is impossible to leave off Muhammad Ali when it comes to athlete speeches. He had an incredible way with words like no other athlete, and listening to him speak is as entertaining as watching him in the ring.

Before his shock victory over George Foreman in in a fight dubbed The Rumble in the Jungle, Ali delivered a fantastic poem which epitomises his cheek, flair and confidence. This poem is packed full of lines which the top rappers would be proud of. He spoke from the heart about both of his parents who are deceased, but made sure not to miss anyone out who had helped him along the way. He delivered the speech in an engaging fashion and had everybody hanging on his every word, and it was a speech that was fitting for such an incredible athlete.

Ted Williams used his baseball Hall of Fame induction as a platform to urge for the addition of black players to Cooperstown. Paige and Gibson were inducted into the Hall of Fame a few years later. His speech also served as a love letter to the game of baseball and why it is one of the top American sports. This along with him voicing his opinion made his speech a lot more engaging than the majority of speeches which act as a long thank you list. His honesty surrounding the abuse his mother suffered at the hands of his late father make for a difficult watch, but it became clear how this became a pivotal moment in his life.

His difficult upbringing, death of family members and near death experiences led his mother to tell him to do something after school so that he would be safe. Despite not being a fan, Martin chose football as his hobby. He excelled at football, and would soon meet a much needed positive male role model, coach Bill Parsons, who helped him to become a successful athlete and man.

It is a fantastic, moving and at times disturbing speech, and a terrific insight into the difficult journey that Martin went through to reach the Hall of Fame.After suffering a severe back injury in the preseason, longtime Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo has ridden the bench this season while his backup, rookie signal caller Dak Prescott, has led the team to an NFL-best record.

The Top 10 Greatest Sports Speeches Ever

So Romo called a press conference on Tuesday to give a heartwarming speech in which he genuinely backed his understudy as the starter. Here are six more speeches that bring the waterworks. In classic Favre fashion, the Packers gunslinger gave an off-the-cuff minute speech— the longest in Pro Football Hall of Fame history. No mention of his trusty Wranglers, though. Check out the full speech here.

Grayson Allen Senior Night Speech (3/3/18)

This is all you really need to know:. You went to sleep hungry. You sacrificed for us. You the real MVP. And thus, a great meme was born. Six days after the attacks of September 11,Major League Baseball resumed play. During the first game back, famed St.

senior speeches for sports

November 7,is a date basketball fans will never forget. Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below.

senior speeches for sports

More From Life.Our sample sport speech demonstrates our writing style on one particular sporting occasion. There are, of course, many others and we have speeches for most of them. When you order a pack you receive at least three speeches any one of which you can use individually. On the other hand you may choose to use selected pieces from the speeches we send you.

Most of the packs also contain a selection of short poems which offer you the chance to end your speech on an unexpected note. Please note, however, that our sports inspirational, commemorative and persuasive speeches contain just one longer more specific speech, Each such speech ends with a poem that summarizes what you say and provides a great ending to your speech.

senior speeches for sports

Our sample sports speech gives an indication of how we write and you can rest assured that we can meet your needs whatever your sporting occasion. Sponsorship is very much part of our lives and this speech says all a sponsor might say when presenting prizes at a golf tournament. It is suitable for a president, manager or sales executive of the sponsoring company. Being a golf sponsor is a bit like being father of the groom at a wedding.

I just have the enjoyment of a day out without any of the responsibilities. That is not to say, of course, that I did not keep a keen eye on what was happening. After all I have my reputation to consider. It goes without saying that everything today went without a hitch. How could it not when the committee organized the event in a way the civil service would do well to copy? The greens were so beautifully kept that they were just calling out to be photographed for an advertisement enticing tourists to these green parts.

The golf itself was, as usual, of a very high standard and now I know exactly where I have been going wrong. I think I should have stuck to marbles. Our winners, though, have obviously studied the handbook very hard.

Inside Athletics

More than that though they showed the sporting spirit which is so much part of the game of golf. I hereby congratulate them on their victory and on behalf of………………………………. I have great pleasure in presenting them with their prizes. Please choose a sample speech below! Golf presentation from Sponsor Summary Sponsorship is very much part of our lives and this speech says all a sponsor might say when presenting prizes at a golf tournament.We have provided below variety of sports speech for the students under various words limit according to their need.

All the speech on sports are very simple, written using easy words and small sentences for the students. They can select any of the given speeches according to their class level. Using such speeches students can participate in the speech recitation activity in their school without any hesitation.

A very good morning to the excellencies, Principal sir, teachers and my dear colleagues. As we all know that we are here to celebrate this occasion, I would like to speech on sports.

Sports is good for all of us in daily life as it involves us in common physical activities under healthy environment.

Sample Sports Speeches

The environment of sports becomes very competitive and challenging for the sportsmen so they focus on the challenges put in front. Physical beauty of the person involves in making the humanity of him.

senior speeches for sports

There are variety of sports played accordingly by the people in various countries. National or international level sports competitions takes place in any country for any sports.

Revolution comes in the sports field time to time and replaced by ashtanga or other forms of yoga. Playing sports help us in many ways all through the life. Variety of sports activities bring a lot of positive opportunities for us. There are various problems also occur however they do not matter. Getting interested in any of the sport gives a worldwide identification and life long achievement. Facing challenges of sports teaches us to tackle with other challenges of the life as well as survive in a competitive society.

Some of the sportsmen become interested in the sports and games from their childhood, some from birth as God gift however some of them create interest to the particular game or sports in order to go in that area and earn name and fame. Some of us need inspiration and motivation from our parents, teachers or famous sportsperson however some of us have God gifted inspiration.

Athletes having interest in the sports, play sports with their best effort even when they defeat or lose.

They already know the fact that they will win some game whereas lose some. They become very disciplined all through the life in order to get success and be ready on time. They do regular practice with full commitment towards their sports. Good morning to the Principal sir, teachers and my dear friends. I would like to speech on the sports and games at this occasion. I am very thankful to my class teacher to give me such a great opportunity to speech here and believe in me.

My dear friends, both games and sports are very important for all of us because they keep us strong, healthy and fit. It is the area which can give us a change from the same daily life.

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